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The staff team is currently working very hard to perfect kitpvp. If you have a suggestion please inform us in our discord

Forums Release
4 months ago

A website is a very important aspect of a Minecraft Server where players go to receive help with all things server-related, apply for staff, report players, appeal their punishments and simply interact with the community in general! This new website has been designed from the ground up with Phoenix in mind....

KitPvP BETA Release Date Friday 12th March (5pm EST)
4 months ago

Hello everyone, the development team has been working on KitPvP for a couple of months now. We are extremely excited to announce the official BETA release on Friday 12th March (5pm EST) Everyone that joins during the beta period (Estimating 3 months) will receive the top rank (Immortal). We almost have a fully functional website completed with a Store, Forums, Rules, Voting, Status, Staff Page, and much more. The events will be hosted Regularly by all staff members. If you find a bug or have a suggestion please inform us on the website or in the discord. We will have multiple competitions tho...

Staff Application Guidelines
4 months ago

Helper Requirements:

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